Protect Your Home The Earth

House Climate change
Problems caused by climate change are now well known and affect the lives of all people around the world.

Yes, even less “vulnerable” Europe and of course Greece, during the last years face more and more intense climatic changes which threaten our environment and therefore our way of living as we know it, while they have cost of human lives.

These deaths and disasters could be compared to those of regional wars which, traditionally, are tightly connected to oil reserves.

We face double human losses, with ultimate goal of course, unimaginable profits.

Apart from circles that profit from fossil fuels, many ordinary people remain skeptics about the truth and any interests would a mass hysteria on climate change, serve.

Elimination of use of fossil fuels, if possible, will reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) in atmosphere and that would be by no means negative.

The independence from fossil fuels, as much as utopia it might seem under the shadow of huge interests and profits, it is only positive for the future.

In any case, all kinds of fights, protests and participation in any way in favor of saving the planet, are not futile -no exercise of pressure from ordinary people on governments, is futile.

A recent campaign of Avaaz, in which we can all participate concerns organizing mobilisations in many countries all around the world (see here and get inspired on ways of action here).

Mobilisations will culminate during Climate Summit of UN, which for 2015 will take place at the end of November in Paris (COP 21). It is considered decisive, crucial and critical about agreements of major polluters such as USA and China, towards clean energy.

Citizens, humans, people, can defend their own lives and the lives of next generations, by defending the Earth.


2 thoughts on “Protect Your Home The Earth

  1. US President Obama’s initiative the Clean Air Act may save our home at least by 33 percent ratio’provided the Congress agree to its provisions. More than highly industrialized countries,the homes in developing countries are extremely vulnerable to climate change effects., and except for China and India ,other developing countries are exposed to the slow deathly pollution of their environment without their key participation in production of greenhouse effects. Global responsibility for climate change is getting complex. May the planets Mars and Pluto be found habitable for human beings.

    • Even if Mars and Pluto would be found habitable, only an elite (which probably is predecided and already selected) will have the chance to live there and survive.
      That could be the explanation why these elites are the same which destroy the planet by exploiting resources and humans.

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