Mobilisations Of The Many and Of Each One


Both followers and ordinary readers of this blog, can read (About) that it has been created out of my interest for the global problem of Climate Change.
Although frequency of postings are far from regular, I keep trying to … feed and update the contents and to post material from other sources.
The climate issue remains on top of my interests and it is understood that the upcoming major summit for the climate in Paris (COP21) would draw my attention.
During the last weeks I have tried to find any -kind of- relevant job within the context of the summit.
Unfortunately “amateur” journalists/bloggers are not entitled to apply.

After a couple of rejections for other supporting positions, almost ready to give up, I thought that a great and probably equally (if not more) useful way of promoting the cause of Climate Change are civil mobilisations.

Alongside the Paris Climate Summit, great actions and a big march are organised by environment movements and organisations. is one of them and the organiser of the Global Climate March on 28-29 November (the same day the conference begins). Their message is:

«On the eve of the big U.N summit in Paris, the climate movement is taking to the streets. With climate change in the global spotlight, this is our chance to make the talks work for our movement. This is our chance to set the agenda for ambition.

Our message: keep fossil fuels in the ground and finance a just transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050.»
See more here

“Alex, Iain, Alice, Risalat, Ana Sofia and the whole Avaaz team”, also fight against funding of fossil fuels and they have organized a petition which you can find here.

From my part, no matter how sad I felt having failed to participate from the inside, I also feel that pressure from the outside by supporting groups and organizations advocating and promoting the cause of protecting the Earth and People’s lives on the planet,  is within my power.
COP21 takes place in Europe -again, after Warsaw Poland COP19, two years ago, for which I had the chance to write for in a couple of journals, in Greek. 
Actions and mobilizations could probably be an once in a life-time chance, even for a European resident (like the writer).

At this point, I am counting my savings and my spending ability, in order to book flights and residence.
If that becomes possible, it will also be an opportunity to share my experiences here.
Anyone who might be interested can find useful and practical information or join the events here and discover actions all around the world here.  
Read also messages from containing useful links:


«The French government is working hard to prevent mass mobilisation in Paris on December 12 — from denying visas, to backtracking on pledges to accommodate civil society on the ground.

They’re fighting back because they know that people power works, and they’re afraid that if enough people make it to Paris, we might disrupt the fossil fuel industry’s business as usual.

We won’t be intimidated, and we won’t be stopped. Thousands of people are  making plans to come to Paris.

People from impacted communities in France, like in Seine St Denis outside Paris, who paid a heavy death toll during the 2003 heat wave. People from Pacific Island nations on the other side of the world, for whom climate action is a matter of survival. People from the communities surrounded by the world’s worst coal mines, frack sites and oil wells are all coming too.

Now is not the time for business as usual, and it is not the time to let politicians lead. On December 12th, we will send a signal that the age of fossil fuels is coming to an end.
Be part of this historic moment in Paris

As the climate summit wraps up, we will be converge to the conference center at Le Bourget, just north of Paris to surround it. With our bodies, we will draw the red lines: the minimal necessities for a liveable and fair planet. Our number and determination will ensure the political leaders inside are hearing our voices loud and clear.

It will all start December 12 at dawn — so that as the sun rises the last day of talks, it will also be rising on the face of a powerful global movement that is ready to change the course of history.

Be there with us as we demonstrate the power of the people — no matter what the people in power say.

Thank you for being part of the movement, and see you on December 12th!»


«December 12th is shaping up to be the biggest civil disobedience action on climate justice ever.

While negotiators, politicians, and polluters will be wrapping up at the Paris Climate Summit and getting ready to head home, we will be out in the streets. Why? Because a liveable planet is not something we can compromise on, and we intend to have the last word.

At dawn on December 12th, we will meet up and start walking towards Le Bourget in 5 groups of up to 800 people. We will then surround the conference center and make our voices heard loud and clear. With our bodies, we will lay down red lines that stand for the minimal necessities for a just and liveable planet — lines that should never be crossed.

This message will be most powerful if there are thousands of us, from all walks of life, coming together to defend people and the planet.

We want you to be part of this historic moment. Can you join us?

The French authorities are doing everything they can to shut out the voices of the climate movement. They are refusing to provide visas for people coming to the Climate Summit from the most impacted communities around the world. This COP is shaping up to be another meeting between multinationals and heads of the most polluting countries, with the people pushed to the side.

But we won’t let our voices be silenced. Because people power is the only thing keeping us from crossing those red lines, the vital necessities for the survival of the planet.

Last week we handed 6,000 signatures to the Mayor of Paris, which helped us get a meeting to negotiate with the authorities. But what the city offered is a far cry from what we need. We thus have to keep on pressuring the French government to get things moving.
Please take one minute to sign our petition calling on them to open Paris to the people this December.

We can take inspiration from yesterday’s fantastic news that President Obama has rejected the Keystone pipeline — a major victory for the movement of ranchers, tribal nations and everyday people who have been fighting it in North America. It’s living proof that when people get together to draw a line in the sand, we can win against fossil fuels. 

So whatever the hurdles in our path, on December 12th we will gather in Paris to draw our red lines. Please be there with us.

Many of us have never taken part in civil disobedience before. But we all know, regardless of where we’re coming from, that this Climate Summit is an important moment to take action around the world with one message: The time for people-powered climate justice is now.

Click here to be a part of this moment.

Thank you for being part of the movement, and see you on December 12th!»


«Plans are coming together for an epic action on December 12th in the streets of Paris.

A diverse and powerful coalition of organisations from across Europe have reached consensus on a plan for action on December 12th. Our goal is to have the last word after world leaders conclude their talks, and the message we will carry is that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for: together our movement has the power to keep the world from crossing the planet’s red lines from which there’s no return.

We will both converge in the centre of Paris, and march to surround the main hall where heads of state are meeting so that our message and meaning cannot be missed.

This is a message we can only send if we fill the streets. Can you be there with us on December 12th?
Click here to RSVP and get more details.

That said, it looks like French authorities are actively obstructing the climate movement mobilisation plans around the Paris talks this December, despite months of negotiations by the French coalition organisers. So far they have refused to approve a march route through central Paris, or to help provide accommodation and visas for people travelling to Paris from all over the world, including countries most impacted by the climate crisis.

Please take 1 min to send a quick message to the Mayor of Paris, telling her open up Paris for the COP21 !

Why are we mobilising after the climate talks end? Because some of the most important work comes after heads of state sign on the line.

The deal being discussed in Paris will probably fall short of our goals for justice and science. But the fossil fuel industry will do everything they can to undermine it and stop its implementation.

If a global climate deal is to become a reality, it will take a global grassroots movement working relentlessly to confront coal, oil and gas companies and their friends standing in the way. It’s up to us to stand up and draw the red lines that we cannot compromise on.

That’s why we’re focusing on what happens the day after the talks end – December 12. That’s when we can show heads of state and the fossil fuel industry that we’re serious about action.

The plans are coming together, and they’ll be much stronger with your participation.
Click here to be a part of this moment

Thank you for being part of the movement, and see you on December 12th.»


Even more information here.

Anyone interested and/or participating, please, let inform this site’s climate supporter.

“Finances permitting” we might meet!!


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