This blog was created in order to publish my thesis for journalism studies on the crucial, universal and human matter of Climate Change.
Although my will and ambition has been to translate it from greek to english, I never found the courage rather than the time to do so.
English readers can use a translator, or better, contact with me and I shall gladly provide any clarifications and/or information asked.

In the meantime, tens of articles from world Media, environmental institutions and interested parties are posted.
Stay informed and aware!

Elisabeth P


2 thoughts on “About…

  1. […] About Methane (CH4): – The most common greenhouse gas after CO2. – Methane emissions are responsible for 19% of anthropogenic global warming (Vs. 63% of CO2). – It belongs to a group of gases (GHG) which trap heat within atmosphere by thousands of times more effectively, thus they are extremely strong factors responsible for global warming. – It’s lifetime reaches 12 years (with reference to CO2’s 1 year) – It has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 72 in 20 years-time, 25 in 100 years-time and 7.6 in 500 years-time (Vs. 1 of CO2) (Table of Greenhouse Gases) Elisabeth P […]

  2. […] followers and ordinary readers of this blog, can read (About) that it has been created out of my interest for the global problem of Climate Change. Although […]

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